Du’a: A call unheard

Diana Nammi reflects a year on since Du'a Khalil was stoned to death, 06 April 2008 On April 7th, a year ago, Du’a Khalil Aswad, 17 years old, was stoned to death in Bashiqa, Northern Iraq. Some of her closest relatives beat, kicked and stoned her to death, pulverizing her face and body, finally killing her by dropping a concrete block on her face to uproarious cheering from a crowd of hundreds of men, followers of the Yezidi...
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Banaz could have been saved

Press release 20 March 2007 Women from the London-based Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation have been attending the trial of Mahmod and Ari Mahmod, father and uncle of Banaz Mahmod Babakir Agha. The two men are accused of murdering Banaz in the name of so-called ‘honour’. Rehmat Suleimani, a Kurd from Iran, gave his tearful account, and showed a film recorded on his mobile phone in which Banaz herself accuses her father of trying to murder her....
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One year since the murder of Banaz

23 January 2007 One year ago today, Banaz Mahmod Babakir Agha, a young Kurdish woman from Iraq of 20 years old, was murdered. Her body was found buried in the garden of a derelict house belonging to a family member in Birmingham more than three months after the murder after an extensive police search. Banaz had been forced into marriage over three years ago, but ended this unhappy marriage in divorce, to return to live with her family...
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