Press release 23 February 2009

The Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation was very disappointed by the collapse of the hearings by the Independent Police Complaints Commission relating to the treatment by police of Banaz Mahmod before her death in January 2006.

Despite many appeals to the Police for help, her case was not given the attention it deserved, and she was subsequently murdered in a brutal so-called ‘honour’ killing. There were clear breaches of procedure by one particular officer, yet the hearings were closed, and very soon after, the officer in question was nominated for promotion.

IKWRO was dismayed at this development in a case which had already drastically undermined faith in the police, particularly from vulnerable young women. IKWRO presented the IPCC with a number of queries and has arranged a public meeting with Nick Hardwick, Chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, where he will be asked to explain and justify decisions in this case.

This is to be held at:-
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund at County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB on the 13th March starting at 1pm.
Attendance is by invitation only: if you are interested in coming please send an email to

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