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Tomorrow morning, representatives from each London borough are meeting at the London Councils office to decide whether or not to axe funding to IKWRO and lots of other organisations who provide vital services in London.

We will be holding a peaceful demonstration outside their meeting.  We’ll also hand in our petition to Steve Bullock, the Chair of the London Councils Grants Committee. 

We need to print out our petition before the end of the day so we can bring it along with us tomorrow.  And that means that we need you to help us get as many signatures as possible before five o clock today!  At the time of writing the petition had 400 signatories.  Can you help us to double that number?

What to do?

  • Go to and sign our petition.
  • Send the link round your friends and ask them to sign it too.
  • If you’re on facebook, hit the like button on the petition site so that it appears on your facebook profile.
  • If you’re on twitter tweet about the petition so that the link reaches all your followers.

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