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This International Women’s Day, our hearts are broken by the devastation being wrought on Gaza, where two-thirds of the tens of thousands of people killed are women and children. In Ukraine, too, women continue to face the horrors of war. Peace cannot wait.

We stand in solidarity with women in Afghanistan and Iran, denied their rights and facing harsh punishment for defying the totalitarian regimes. We are with you, demanding “WOMEN LIFE FREEDOM”!

Here in the UK, it has been another challenging year. The continuation of the cost-of-living crisis is hitting survivors of “honour” based abuse particularly hard.  Due to the nature of the abuse, they cannot turn to family and community members for financial or practical support. We know that the fear of destitution traps many women into enduring further abuse. Meanwhile, specialist services like IKWRO, which provide a lifeline, continue to be underfunded. But we remain resolute in our work to end violence against women and girls.

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Thank you, from all of us at IKWRO – Women’s Rights Organisation.

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