On 16 September 2022, Jina Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman was murdered by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Whilst visiting Tehran, she was arrested by the “morality police”, accused of not complying with the strict dress rules for women and was tortured and beaten, causing her death. In the more than two months since then, thousands of girls and women have led protests, supported by many men in Iran. They are chanting “Women, Life, Freedom” and calling for an end to the oppression and gender apartheid that they have been subjected to for more than four decades.

Hundreds have been shot and killed, including more than sixty children. Thousands have been arrested. Many have been brutally tortured and raped and some have died from their injuries. Some have taken their lives, feeling unable to continue living, as a result of the trauma inflicted upon them whilst under arrest by the Islamic regime.

The silence of the British government is deafening.

We stand in solidarity with all women, girls and protestors, standing up against the oppressive Islamic Republic of Iran. We join the call WOMEN, LIFE, FREEDOM. We demand the respect of women’s rights and human rights across Iran. We call for an end to the oppressive Islamic Republic of Iran.

We call on the British government to:

    • Condemn in the strongest terms, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s brutal and widespread oppression of women and girls, and of all protestors.
    • Condemn in the strongest terms the Islamic Republic of Iran’s reactionary attack on Kurdistan.
    • Demand that the Islamic Republic abolishes capital punishment and immediately halts all executions 
    • Demand that the Islamic Republic of Iran immediately ends all torture and releases all political prisoners, including all arrested in connection to the protests.
    • Isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran, close the Embassy and Consulate in the UK, and call for all countries to close the Islamic regime’s Embassy’s and Consulates.
    • Campaign for the expulsion of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women


Diana Nammi, Chief Executive of IKWRO

Sue Stevenson, Chair of Trustees of IKWRO 

Sahdaish Pall BEM, CEO of Sikh Women’s Aid

Dania Thomas, Director of Ubuntu Women Shelter

Kulsoom Yusuf, Senior Lecturer & Researcher of University of Derby

Padma Rao, Director of Sangini

Sonia Jalal of Hull Sisters

Sahar Zand, Multimedia Reporter & Producer 

Sharon Erdman, CEO of Rape Crisis South London (RASASC)

Heidi Riedel of Woman’s Trust

Judith Banjoko, Interim CEO of Solace

Selma Taha, Executive Director of Southall Black Sisters

Ruth Davison, CEO of Refuge

Locardia Chidanyika, Director of Women Today

Caroline Murphy, Director of Operations of The Nia Project

Niki Scordi, Chief Executive of Advance

Shaminder Ubi, Director of Ashiana

Senay Dur, Director of IMECE Women’s Centre

Natasha Rattu, Executive Director of Karma Nirvana

Sawsan Salim, Director of KMEWO

Andrea Fonseca & Claudia Croppo, Co-founders and Directors of TeSer ci

Neda Barzegar, IKWRO Trustee & NHS Doctor 

Clara Isla, Volunteer Manager of Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre 

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