On 16th September in Tehran, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in hospital three days after she was arrested and beaten by the “morality police” who had accused her of not being sufficiently covered by her hijab. The Iranian regime is denying responsibility for the murder of Mahsa, claiming that she died from a heart attack. This is disputed by her family. 

We send our condolences and stand in support of Mahsa’s family.

IKWRO strongly condemns the Iranian regime, who are responsible for this crime. Our solidarity is with the people in Iran who are protesting against the regime, from the streets of Kurdistan to the streets of Tehran, and all over Iran.  

IKWRO demands: 

– justice for Mahsa 

– abolition of the forced hijab 

– abolition of gender apartheid in Iran 

– abolition of the morality police across Iran 

– an end to the militarisation of Iranian cities 

Alongside the people of Iran, we say “Women, Life, Freedom”

Diana Nammi is available for interview 

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