Spread a little JOY!

At IKWRO we support Middle Eastern, North African and Afghan women and girls who have experienced “honour” based abuse, forced marriage and FGM at our specialist refuge and through advice and counselling. Often women arrive at the refuge with nothing and depleted of hope. We support them every step of the way as they begin to rebuild their lives.


We don’t just want our women and girls to survive but to thrive. By donating to our new fund for wellbeing, you can help bring them JOY!  With your support, we will take the women on day trips, run therapeutic yoga sessions and they will be able to pursue their own personal passions and hobbies. They will be able to join art classes, sign up to the gym, or take a training course. They will have the opportunity to reconnect with themselves which is vital in their journey of surviving “honour” based abuse. 

Thank you for any support that you can give.

Knowing that you care and believe in their happiness, means the world. 


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