It is with great sadness and sorrow that we write that IKWRO-Women’s Rights Organisation’s long-standing Trustee and Board member, Simin Azimi, passed away in January 2021. Alongside her work at IKWRO, Simin was the Director of Refugee Women’s Association (RWA) and worked with refugees and migrants for the past 37 years.

I first met Simin at RWA in 2002, when I sought advice regarding my education. I shared with her my passion to establish an organisation to help women and girls at risk of “honour” killings and forced marriage. I explained that studying might assist me with setting up the organisation. After a short discussion with Simin, I decided to set up the organisation without any delay. She made my vision so practical and realistic. I set up IKWRO that same year, with Simin’s help as one of our first Trustee, remaining so until her untimely passing. She gave me the honour to serve and support women and girls alongside her for the last 19 years.

Simin was a caring, passionate, knowledgeable, tireless and dedicated. She was my mentor and a pillar of support, all the time and at any time. IKWRO grew from strength to strength because of her passion, determination and guidance.

Simin, you will be always remembered and your legacy will be kept alive, we promise this.

Diana Nammi, on behalf of IKWRO’s Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers and clients

Simin was a powerful force with a calming presence. She was ferocious when working for women’s rights, yet incredibly poised and gentle in person. Simin has left a lasting impression on those she worked with and everyone fortunate enough to meet her. She will be deeply missed by all.

Aleisha Ebrahimi – IKWRO’s Trustee

Simin’s legacy and work in the charitable field will be remembered fondly by those who she helped and her colleagues. It was a true privilege to work with Simin and learn from her vast and impactful experience. She brought integrity, passion, unrivalled knowledge and contagious enthusiasm to the board and will continue to inspire me in many ways, long into the future.

 Nadia Mardan Ali– IKWRO’s Trustee

It was an honour and privilege to serve on the board of trustees with Simin. She was the most passionate advocate for women, and survivors. She dedicated so much of her life to helping others. 

Simin taught me a great deal when I first joined the board, and I enjoyed her passion and energy, I’ll always remember her. I’m sure Simin’s work and legacy will live on; she will never be forgotten.

Louise Smith– IKWRO’s Trustee

I saw Simin as a knowledgeable and experienced person held in high esteem amongst colleagues and who cared passionately about the voluntary sector and in particular women’s issues. On a personal note she was a caring and thoughtful person on many levels who I admired greatly and I will miss her.

Sue Stevenson– IKWRO’s Trustee

It is such shocking news. I have no words to convey. That is so sad to hear. Please do pass on my deepest condolences to Simin’s family and loved ones. We lost a great woman.

Kulsoom RehmanIKWRO’s Trustee

For Simin

I never saw you getting tired,

That’s why it’s so hard to believe,

Believe that you are gone

While you had so much to give.

When only days before

You were still caring for me,

And doing all you could

To help whoever came to you.

I still remember our first encounter,

Never in my life

Has someone been so sweet and soft to me,

Like you knew me for a lifetime

Like you were the sister I missed.

As time went by

And I got to know more of you,

I grew deep respect and love

For the amazing You,

For the women who was determined to achieve,

And Optimistic to Believe.

Strong to fight for the Right,

As we say goodbye to you

And lay you to rest,

We promise your memories are safe

As we closed that gate.

We promise the legacy you help build

Will continue to flourish,

Your name will be spoken

And you will never be forgotten.

By: Evis Bodlli – IKWRO’s Finance Manager

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