How you can help us get MPs behind making every school every school “honour” based violence, forced marriage and FGM safe

The Right To Know campaign got a huge boost last week when the Education Select Committee published its report Life lessons: PSHE and SRE in schools which states that young people “have a right to information that will help keep them healthy and safe” and concludes that the Department for Education should “develop a workplan for introducing age-appropriate PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic education) and SRE (Sex and Relationships education) as statutory subjects in primary and secondary schools”.

This is great news but we still have lots of work to do to build cross-party support from all MP’s ahead of the election to ensure that the post-election government (whoever it is formed of) puts this recommendation into action and makes sure that all schools become “honour” based violence, forced marriage and FGM safe.

This Friday, 27th February 2014, MP’s will be discussing a Bill about making teaching Personal Social Health and Economic education (P.S.H.E.) a statutory requirement. The Bill proposes that P.S.H.E. should cover education on ending violence against women and girls and that teachers must be trained on how best to deliver this education. This is a great opportunity to get your MP behind the movement to make every school become “honour” based violence, forced marriage and FGM safe.

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