IKWRO’s Director, Diana Nammi was recently awarded the WOMA (Woman On the Move Award) Special Jury Prize sponsored by Migrants Rights Network, The Forum and UNHCR to recognise Refugee and Migrant women’s accomplishments.  The Women on the Move Awards Ceremony  held on the 6th March at the Royal Festival Hall.

Diana expressed her pride and joy at this award and described her past as in Kurdistan of Iran which led her to seek asylum in the UK, and particularly the experience of seeing her friend and interpreter killed by family members, where she was told intervention was impossible because the crime took place outside Britain. She said:

I dreamed of setting up an organisation to help women like her, and to campaign against ‘honour’ based violence. I wanted to raise awareness of this brutal practice, both within the communities and among police officers, social workers and teachers and I wanted to change the poisoning policy of justifying crime of ‘honour’ and racism, under the name of respect for ‘culture’ and ‘religion’.

While paying tribute to IKWRO’s remarkable acheivements, and thanked all IKWRO’s staff, supporters and funders, she acknowledged that there remain many more challenges:

However there is much more to be done to prevent further women and girls facing the fate of Heshu and Banaz. We must protect the human rights of every woman and girl regardless of their religion, race or culture. We need to safeguard children and vulnerable women regardless of their colour, and place of born. We need a national strategy on ‘honour’ based violence.

We must ensure that all front-line professionals, including all police officers, are fully trained on the issue.

We must educate our children about ‘honour’ based violence, forced marriage, child marriage FGM by addressing the issues on the national curriculum.

We need secure funding for organisations like IKWRO which provide essential support to those in danger.

And, in particular, we urgently need your financial help so that we can open the first ever refuge in Europe for Middle Eastern Women. You can help these women start a new safe life by funding IKWRO and donating through our website.

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