IKWRO prides itself on a high level of client-centered support which prioritises the needs and safety of women at risk.

Our caseworkers deal with women’s personal issues with sensitivity and understanding of the pressures upon them, and have experience and training in how to achieve the best results.

IKWRO’s clients say:

IKWRO is like my family. Whenever I have a problem, I will turn to them. They are my only family that I have got and can trust.

 IKWRO saved my life and my daughter from violence and indignity. I lived with a very violent and abusive husband for three years suffering imprisonment and torture. I suffered alone and in silence. He told me that I will be deported if anyone knew about me. I didn’t know anything and I was afraid of everyone. I had no where to go. I didn’t know anyone, had no any money, couldn’t speak a word of English and had a very young baby daughter.

I couldn’t bear any more. After he raped and beat me up, he walked out. I took my baby and ran out into the street crying. I saw a police officer and all I could say was ‘help!’ They called IKWRO. At first I was too scared to talk, but the very kind voice on the other end made me feel better and I opened my heart to IKWRO’s advisor.
It was then I began to feel the light in the tunnel. They helped me to find safe accommodation, sorted out my income, helped me apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, and I am now starting English classes … and the most important thing is that I have my lovely daughter who is now walking and talking. I’ve got my confidence back.

I will teach her to become a strong woman. Thank you IKWRO!



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