At least 5000 women are killed in the name of ‘honour’ around the world each year.  There are an estimated 12 ‘honour’ killings in the UK annually, and thousands more women and girls face other forms of ‘honour’ based violence, including beatings, imprisonment and forced marriage.

Women and girls who take the brave decision to flee ‘honour’ based violence are often cut off from their family and friends.  They are blamed for what has happened to them, and some even blame themselves.  

At IKWRO, we work to restore the true honour of these women and girls.  We believe they should be commended for having the courage to stand up for themselves and for their rights.  We host an annual True Honour Award ceremony to recognise their courage and the commitment and dedication of those who work to protect them.

About the 2012 True Honour Award
This year we will grant two True Honour Awards to those who have taken a stand against ‘honour’ based violence, whether in their personal lives or in their work.  By recognizing and publicising their outstanding courage and commitment, we hope that we can inspire others to act.

You can nominate a person, organisation or group for the award.  The only condition is that they have made a contribution to the fight against ‘honour’ based violence in the UK.  Here are some ideas for nominees:
• Survivors of ‘honour’ based violence who have shown courage in coming forward or who have used their experience to help others.
• People or groups who have spoken out against ‘honour’ based violence, whether in their community, their workplace, in parliament, in the media or anywhere else.
• People or groups who have offered help and protection to victims of ‘honour’ based violence, for example through a helpline, support group or refuge.
• People or groups who have helped to bring the perpetrators of ‘honour’ based violence to justice, for example a police officer, a lawyer or perhaps a witness in a trial.
• People who have found creative ways to raise public awareness of ‘honour’ based violence, for example by campaigning against it, writing about it in a magazine or newspaper, making a film or producing an artwork.
• Any other person, group or organisation who you think is worthy of a True Honour Award.

How to nominate someone
Download and complete a Nomination form 2012or call us and we will send you one by post.  The form can be returned by email or by post, and must reach us by Friday 5 October 2012. 

A panel made up of survivors of ‘honour’ based violence, activists, journalists and parliamentarians will then draw up a shortlist from among the nominees in October.  IKWRO will hold a gala awards ceremony in London on 6 December 2012 where we will announce the award winners. 
Our judging panel is looking forward to receiving your nominations!

Please note that in order to avoid conflicts of interest, you cannot nominate yourself or the organisation you work in for the True Honour Award.  However you can nominate one of your colleagues as an individual and you can also ask someone else to nominate you or your organisation.

Any questions? Email us on or call 0207 920 6463.

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