I am pleased to introduce myself as IKWRO’s new Pashto Advice & Outreach Worker.  My name is Lina and I have just joined the IKWRO team from May 2012.

As a native Pashto speaker and an experienced advice worker with a legal qualification, I am able to offer a unique and holistic service to Pashto speaking women and girls who are affected by domestic abuse, forced marriage, ‘honour’ based violence or other issues. I can advise clients in relation to their rights and entitlements under UK law and can help them to make difficult decisions. I am really excited about extending IKWRO’s much-needed services to the Afghan community and look forward to contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of a particularly vulnerable group of women.

As with the Farsi/ Dari, Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic services, I will be offering advice and support to women and girls on a one-to-one basis, whether on the phone, at our office or at an outside location. I can also provide advice clinics at community centres, schools etc, and can deliver workshops in Pashto to help women explore issues such as gender based violence and human rights.

I am now ready to take referrals directly from women and girls who want to use our service, as well as from organizations with Pashto speaking clients, and I look forward to hearing from you.  You can contact me on 0207 920 6461 or by email on lina.ikwro@gmail.com.

Please help me to help others too, and get in touch if anyone you know may benefit from the services we offer.

Kindest regards, Lina

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