New research by IKWRO has revealed that at least 2800 cases of ‘honour’ based violence were reported to police forces across the UK last year.

These figures demonstrate that ‘honour’ based violence is not a minor problem but a very serious issue which affects thousands of people each year, many of whom will suffer high levels of abuse before they seek help. IKWRO is calling on the government to develop a national strategy to tackle ‘honour’ based violence across the UK.

The research has been covered across the UK media, with an interview by IKWRO’s Director Diana Nammi headlining on BBC News 24 television.  It was also featured on BBC Radio 4 News and is the headline story on the BBC News website today.

In the print and online media the research was also covered by Rachel Williams at The Guardian, as well as Sky News, Channel4 online, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post.


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