On 9 February Ministers will meet to sign off on a new action plan to tackle violence against women in the UK. 

We need your help to ensure that this plan tackles ‘honour’ based violence. 

Too often victims of ‘honour’ based violence don’t get the help they need.  Workers in public bodies such as the police, social services and housing authorities need training in how to help women affected by ‘honour’ based violence.  In their new action plan, the government must commit to providing this training.

Please email Home Secretary Theresa May and ask her to ensure that the new action plan on violence against women includes plans to roll out training and increase our government’s leadership in fighting ‘honour’ based violence.

How to do it:

1. Compose an email to mayt@parliament.uk

2. Put Honour based violence and the action plan on violence against women in the subject line, and write Dear Home Secretary at the top of the email.

3. Include the following points:

– Last year police recorded over 200 incidents of ‘honour’ based violence in London alone.  Nationally, ‘honour’ based violence affects hundreds if not thousands of women in the UK.

– According to IKWRO Women’s Rights Organisation, many police, social workers, medical staff and other professionals don’t know how to identify ‘honour’ based violence or how to help victims.

– In your new action plan on violence against women, please include plans to deliver ‘honour’ based violence training and to increase government leadership in this area.

4. Don’t forget to put your name and the town where you live at the bottom of the email

5. Hit SEND.

Thank you for taking this action.

Any questions?  Just email campaigns.ikwro@gmail.com.

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