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Honour killings are NOT morally justified

We are relieved to hear that the hate speech event called “honour killings are morally justified”, which was due to take place on 30 August 2014 as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at Sydney Opera House, has been cancelled. But we are disgusted that Sydney Opera House and the other event organisers ever thought it was acceptable.

Not only was the tittle “honour killings are morally justified” so dangerous, but so was the description of the talk which suggested that “honour” killings are “allegedly wrong”. “Honour” killing is murder, it IS wrong. FULL STOP.

Thousands of women are murdered in so called “honour” killings every year and it is only weeks since the “honour” killings of Farzana Parveen in Pakistan, Dunya in Iraq, Fatma in Turkey and Rania Alayed in the UK were well publicised. We must all ensure that human rights are promoted and protected and that justification of so-called “honour” killing, hate and violence against women is NEVER tolerated.

If the event organisers are looking for danger, they should consider the very real danger that women’s rights activists and survivors fighting “honour” killings face every day. They should give us the mic.

3 Replies to “Honour killings are NOT morally justified”

  1. Ana

    Hear, hear.
    The organisers have been so blase with their response. The Sydney Opera House offered a confirmation of the cancellation on their Facebook page [], but then went on to imply that people read the description wrong. The event organiser, Simon Longstaff of the St James Ethics Centre, via his Twitter diverted yet again by implying that people read it wrong.
    What I find disturbing is that neither have apologised, nor has the person that was to give the talk -he’s called everyone hysterical and an Islamophobe. Is that not a disturbing outcome? No apology, no acknowledgment. They basically made themselves the victims. No one – organiser or speaker – spared one thought for the people who have survived attempts on their lives and have been left with scars and lifelong wounds, or for those who have died as a result of honour killings.
    As a female and an Australian, I’m shocked and disappointed that some organisations in Australia, that purport to promote values, such as the St James Ethics Centre stooped to cheap PR to promote something as horrifying as honour killing in order to sell tickets for an event featuring a speaker who represents an organisation that has been banned in two countries (that I know of).

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