What IKWRO does

IKWRO provides support to Middle Eastern and Central Asian women and girls who are at risk of different forms of violence including 'Honour' Based Violence, Forced Marriage, Child Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation and Domestic Violence. We have a dedicated and experienced staff of caseworkers who speak several Middle Eastern and Central Asian languages including Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Turkish, Dari and Pashtu. We work directly with hundreds of women and girls every year, for whom we provide support, advocacy,...
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“Honour” Based Violence

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="293"] Heshu Yunes[/caption] "Honour" Based Violence and "Honour' Killings are forms of Violence Against Women and Girls which currently occur predominantly amongst populations from the Middle East and South Asia, although they may occur in other areas, and historically have been recorded in Southern Europe. "Honour" works to restrict women's autonomy, particularly sexual autonomy within male-dominated societies which place a high value on women's chastity. Within "honour" crimes, families may collaborate to commit violence against...
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Client support

IKWRO prides itself on a high level of client-centered support which prioritises the needs and safety of women at risk. Our caseworkers deal with women's personal issues with sensitivity and understanding of the pressures upon them, and have experience and training in how to achieve the best results. IKWRO's clients say: IKWRO is like my family. Whenever I have a problem, I will turn to them. They are my only family that I have got and can trust....
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The right to choose

Everyone has THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE not to marry at all or not to marry a particular person. Forced Marriage is a form of violence. It is a serious abuse of human rights. When the victim is a minor it is also child abuse. A Forced Marriage is any marriage to which either party does not freely and genuinely consent. Each party to a marriage must have the capacity to be able to give informed consent. A person’s age, mental and physical health...
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Training and Advice for Professionals

TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS  Women and girls from Middle Eastern, Afghan and other minority communities may be hard to reach, and their circumstances may be complicated by their level of English, their immigration status and the types of violence that they may experience. IKWRO can provide training and guidance to professionals to help organisations and individuals gain knowledge and develop policies and strategies to provide the best response regarding harmful practices and Domestic Violence. We are also available to...
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