Will Wales establish a #RightToKnow?

Joanne Payton, long-time volunteer for IKWRO, blogs about the new bill passed by the Welsh Assembly yesterday. Yesterday in the Welsh Assembly, Members unanimously passed the new Violence Against Women bill. This landmark act almost failed at the last moment, however, when women’s rights campaigners threatened to block the bill unless it included provisions to integrate schools into the country-wide scheme to prevent gender-based violence, calling for each school to have a person with the training responsible for dealing with...
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Preventing Suicide

IKWRO asked Information and Research Officer Joanne Payton to write a blog to mark World Suicide Prevention Day based on the research she did with Izaddin Rasool. Every individual suicide feels like a senseless tragedy. Patterns of suicide, multiply this tragedy but give us some hints of what stresses can drive individuals to contemplate taking their own lives. In the UK, the profile of the suicide victim is largely male: often men who have become disconnected from the human relationships of family,...
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