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Public seminar at UK parliament

Public Seminar at UK Parliament on Sharia Law, Legal Pluralism and Access to Justice

Sharia Law, Legal Pluralism and Access to Justice is hosted by IKWRO and several organisations and activists to debate and express concerns about the increasing state recognition and promotion of religious-based arbitration and mediation forums, such as ‘Sharia courts’ in the UK. These councils operate as parallel legal systems in which women are treated unfairly, including when seeking divorce or custody over children. The seminar will examine the range of injustices faced by women who engage with all forms of religious arbitration forums and sets out the reasons behind a growing campaign to end state legitimization of legal pluralism in the UK.

Campaigners urge government to fully and impartially investigate Sharia bodies

Today, an unprecedented number of women’s rights campaigners and organisations from Britain and internationally, including IKWRO, have submitted a letter to the Home Secretary raising serious concerns about the government’s ‘independent review’ into Sharia courts in Britain. The letter states that the limited scope of inquiry and its inappropriate theological approach will do nothing to address the discriminatory effect and intent of the courts on private and family matters: areas where, arguably, the greatest human rights violations of minority women in the UK take place.

Leading women’s rights charity protests against Law Society for condoning ‘sharia’ law

On Monday 28th April 2014, London, Diana Nammi, founder and Executive Director of the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO), a leading women’s rights charity representing thousands of Middle Eastern, Afghan and North African women and girls living in the UK, gathered with her colleagues and around 70 protestors, including other human rights campaigners and lawyers, in front of the Law Society’s headquarters on Chancery Lane to demonstrate against its endorsement of Sharia law, which is fundamentally discriminatory against women.