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New short film calls on government to make schools “honour” based violence, forced marriage & female genital mutilation safe

This week, as we celebrate both World Teachers Day (Monday, 5th October) and International Day of the Girl Child (Sunday, 11th October), the Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO), launches a short film calling on the government to make every school “honour” based violence, forced marriage & female genital mutilation (FGM) safe.

The short film, which is part of IKWRO’s #RightToKnow campaign, captures young people preparing and performing flash mobs and asking members of the public to tweet Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education and have their picture taken in support of the campaign.

Make the #RightToKnow an electoral issue

Call on your parliamentary candidates to commit to ensuring that every school is made “honour” based violence forced marriage and FGM safe

This is about keeping young people safe. We have no time to waste. Help us make sure that as soon as parliament recommences after the election, our new MP’s are committed to getting straight to work on making sure that every school is made “honour” based violence, forced marriage and FGM safe.

Will Wales establish a #RightToKnow?

Joanne Payton, long-time volunteer for IKWRO, blogs about the new bill passed by the Welsh Assembly yesterday.

Yesterday in the Welsh Assembly, Members unanimously passed the new Violence Against Women bill. This landmark act almost failed at the last moment, however, when women’s rights campaigners threatened to block the bill unless it included provisions to integrate schools into the country-wide scheme to prevent gender-based violence, calling for each school to have a person with the training responsible for dealing with issues of violence and abuse in the home, and for healthy relationships to be part of PSHE classes.

Update on the #RightToKnow campaign

How you can help us get MPs behind making every school every school “honour” based violence, forced marriage and FGM safe

The Right To Know campaign got a huge boost last week when the Education Select Committee published its report Life lessons: PSHE and SRE in schools which states that young people “have a right to information that will help keep them healthy and safe” and concludes that the Department for Education should “develop a workplan for introducing age-appropriate PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic education) and SRE (Sex and Relationships education) as statutory subjects in primary and secondary schools”.