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Stand Up for Dunya

Some of the events of the murder of 15-year old Dunya remain unclear. However, the fact that she was killed, and probably by her husband is, certain. We know that the murder was brutal and savage: that her breasts were cut off, her eyes gouged out, that she was dragged behind a vehicle before being pumped with nine bullets from an AK-47. And that prior to her death, her life was a circuit of misery. Before her marriage to her murderer, she had already been married once – through direct exchange at 13 or 14 – and divorced within a year. Dunya had not even completed primary school, but had been divorced at an age where most girls are doing their exams. It is likely that her family were willing to marry her off to, her second husband, Sleman Zyad Yunis, a 45-year-old man, thirty years older than herself, due to the poor position of divorcees in a region like Kurdistan, where the state of the hymen is considered an aspect of family ‘honour.’