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Deeyah wins an Emmy award for ‘Banaz’

Deeyah Emmy

Deeyah Khan with the Emmy award for her documentary ‘Banaz: A love story’

IKWRO would like to congratulate our friend Deeyah for winning the Best International Current Affairs film at Emmy Awards 2013. Deeyah’s documentary on the murder of Banaz Mahmod, a young Kurdish victim of a so-called ‘honour’ killing, beat several other contenders to take the supreme prize: a tremendous achievement given the small-scale nature of the documentary, which serves as a tribute to Deeyah’s vision and the expertise of her team. Deeyah also worked with IKWRO staff members closely in the development of the documentary.

We at IKWRO value Deeyah’s support and friendship enormously: we wish to thank her for her efforts to raise sensitive issues around violence against women and to congratulate her once more, and wish her all the best for her future projects.