Partnership working is important to IKWRO.

Some of our most important partnerships are:


CHAT (Changing Attitude) is a European Union funded project carried out by 6 organisations all specialising in providing support for women. The project is a commitment to promote social change with specific focus on preventing FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) within the affected communities and SME & non-profit organisations.

It provided FGM awareness and prevention training to for participants who then reproduce that training to 20 participants that each gathered within their community. The six partners are:

More information at this link.

Human Rights in Practice                            

Human Rights in Practice is an educational tool for migrant English learners. It is a language learning pack in five languages with human rights based content to educate the migrant learners on their rights and provide the appropriate vocabulary to be able to communicate and seek appropriate support and opportunities available to them. The project also builds and strengthens relationships with language learning centres which is valuable in connecting NGO’s to potential migrants in need of support.

The six partners operating in five countries are:

More information at this link.

Draw the Line                                   

Draw The Line is a DAPHNE funded project with the objective of raising awareness of sexual harassment in the public place and its surrounding issues. 8 women are trained on 6 topics:  migrant women and gender based abuse, women’s rights and the Law, psychological and medical aspects of sexual abuse, boundaries, self-esteem, and the consequences of gender stereotypes. They then replicate these to a minimum of eight other women each within their community.

The six partners all operating in a different part of Europe are:

More information at this link.