Our Values

IKWRO’s core values are rooted in gender, equality and internationally recognised values of universal human rights. We believe all women should have equality, safety and autonomy.

Our vision:

Women and girls should be able to live their lives free from violence, in all its forms, and be enabled to reach their full potential and exercise their freedom of choice.

Our aims:

  • To support and advise women and girls to reach their full potential and exercise freedom of choice, conscience and belief.
  • To ensure women and girls are aware of their human and equal rights and can act on them.
  • To campaign and promote elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls, in particular “Honour” Based Violence (HBV), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Child Marriage and Forced Marriage(C/FM), and Domestic Violence (DV).
  • To promote and facilitate the safety and security of women and girls and their physical and moral integrity.

Our mission:

IKWRO – Women’s Rights Organisation aims to reach its vision through:

  • Provision of services predominantly, but not exclusively, to Middle Eastern women and
    girls, mainly from Iranian, Kurdish, Turkish, Afghan, Arab and North African communities in the United Kingdom.
  • Provision of advice, advocacy and counselling services to support and empower women and girls who are victims of or at risk of HBV, FGM, C/FM, DV or any other forms of gender-based violence.
  • Provision of a safe house for women and girls in immediate need of safety and protection.
  • Promotion of national, international and community based campaigns to raise awareness of the HBV, FGM and Forced Marriage issues. This would include the provision of training courses and educational activities for : 1) Public and private sector professionals 2) Women and girls and 3) Communities and the wider society
  • Active involvement with policy makers and public sector providers in order to promote legislative changes for the provision of protection of women and girls.

Ethical Fundraising

IKWRO – Women’s Rights Organisation’s ethical fundraising policy is to be read in conjunction with IKWRO Women’s Rights Organisation’s core values and vision.

As a charitable organisation, IKWRO – Women’s Rights Organisation welcomes funding from public and private organisations and donors who share our core values and visions based on promotion of elimination of all forms of violence against women, and Human Rights values.

All our fundraising activities will be compatible with the organisation’s founding principles, and in accordance with the terms of the organisation’s constitution.