Will people find out if I seek help from IKWRO?

IKWRO is very careful around the sharing of information and maintains client confidentiality, taking particular care to ensure that information will not find its way into the community. If you feel nervous, please call us and we can explain our precautions.

I am outside the UK. Can IKWRO help me?

While IKWRO predominantly works in the UK, we also have connections with international organisations and we may be able to help British Citizens even if they are outside the UK, or help you to locate assistance locally. If you need help, please contact us.

Does IKWRO have any political affiliations?

IKWRO is not connected with any political party, neither in Europe nor the Middle East or Afghanistan.

Does IKWRO have any religious affiliations?

IKWRO is a secular organisation and we providing our services to women and girls of all faiths. We respect the spirituality and religious choices of our clients, but we do not provide services on a religious basis.