Diana Nammi and the Justice for Banaz campaign

As well as helping women and girls directly, we campaign for better laws and policies to protect their rights. Our campaigns make changes at local and national level which improve the lives of the women we work with.


In 2012, we successfully campaigned for the criminalisation of forced marriage in the UK. We have also kept Female Genital Mutilation on the agenda, and ensured that the existence of Female Genital Mutilation in Middle Eastern communities does not go overlooked.

In 2010 we successfully campaigned to prevent local authorities in London from cutting funds to IKWRO and other organisations working to end violence against women. Working with other women’s organisations, we also successfully challenged the No Recourse to Public Funds rule, so that women who come into the UK on a spousal visa and then experience domestic violence are now able to access protection.

This is a significant shift in government policy and constitutes a real victory in the fight to end violence against women.

Our Justice for Banaz Campaign began in 2006 after 20 year old Banaz Mahmod was murdered by her family because she had left a violent marriage and begun a new relationship which they did not approve of.  The campaign highlighted police failings in responding to Banaz’s claims that her life was at risk, and helped to ensure that two of Banaz’s murderers were extradited from Iraq and made to face justice in the UK.


Current campaigns

We are currently campaigning on: