Why not join IKWRO’s girls’ group?

Hi, my name’s Tara and I work as an events organiser at IKWRO.

I’m 21 myself, and recently I decided to set up a support group for girls aged 16-25.  IKWRO’s other support groups are focussed on older women, and I wanted to give younger women and girls a space where they could talk to others their own age and discuss issues going on in their day to day lives. The group has been running for six months now but new members can join at any time.

The group meets once a month – usually for about 90 minutes – and discusses issues chosen by the participants.  So far we’ve chosen topics such as self confidence and assertiveness, family problems and domestic violence. The topics are all discussed in a comfortable and friendly way, with each person giving their views and opinions on the subject.

Apart from discussing issues arising in our lives, we also have outings and activity days chosen by the group. So far we’ve gone on an outing to the National Gallery to look at the way that women are portrayed in art, and we’ve had a self defence activity day. The group is a great support but also an excellent way of socialising and making new friends.

Joining this group could benefit if you are interested in discussing issues with other young people instead of adults. You will hear different points of view and group members can help each other solve problems that might be coming up in their lives.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining the group, call me on 020 7920 6460 or email tara.behnam@ikwro.org.uk.  If you want to tell someone else about the group you can download our girls group leaflet and pass it on.

Yours, Tara

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