Women’s rights charity at the forefront of the movement to end forced marriage welcomes new criminal offence in Scotland

forced-marriage-5610Diana Nammi, Executive Director of the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation is available for interview.

Today, 30 September 2014, forced marriage becomes a self-standing criminal offence in Scotland, bringing it line with England and Wales, which made forced marriage a criminal offence on 16 June 2014. Now anyone who commits an offence of forcing someone to marry in Scotland, England or Wales is liable to imprisonment for up to 7 years.

As in England and Wales, Scottish civil courts retain the power to implement Forced Marriage Protection Orders, if a person is at risk of forced marriage. Anyone found guilty of breaching a Forced Marriage Protection Order in Scotland, England or Wales, can face prison.

The Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO), which represents women and girls from Middle Eastern, North African and Afghan communities, and has been at the forefront of the campaign to criminalise Forced Marriage across the UK over the last decade, welcomes this vital progress in the movement to end forced marriage.

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IKWRO are signatories to the following open letter:

We write this open letter as a concerned group of organisations and individuals working on issues of gender equality and human rights in the UK and elsewhere.